Finally! After a long time coming, that is, the idea to create a blog site where leaders can network, glean information, encouragement, and respond all in one stop. Lots of blogs are out there but generally from one perspective or one individual. NYLA Network will who offer a variety of insights and specialties from contributors.

What is the NYLA Network?

NYLA stands for National Youth Leader Association. That means it’s your association. It’s to help you connect with other youth leaders who deal with the same issues you do. This site will include leadership, tools for ministry leaders, personal growth, ideas for fundraising/events, Teen Talent tips from the experts, advertisements for businesses youth leaders need and use, training, and also something for wives and ladies in ministry. So guys, please tell your wives to click on the Add to Mailing List so she will stay informed as well.

Some of you got the tip about this site through an email. Constant Contact will be used to steer people to the site via email. Those in the Twitter world will catch the word there. The ultimate goal is to have leaders from all over the country from every walk of life staying connected as well as coming alongside to help in the day to day.

In order for this to reach its greatest potential, we need you to set the agenda! Tell us what you want, what you need and how we can help. We need your input!  If you are bi-vocational, full time, part time, volunteer, please tell us that when you respond. This will  help us know how to better serve you.

So let’s get this started. Tell us what you want!

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